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My dear friends,

I am extremely humbled to be the 3rd President of the Rotary Club of Koregaon Park, Pune. RCKP is now entering in its 3rd year and is growing well. I must thank our Charter President R.C. Bajaj, Immdt. Past President Adv. Sudesh Hadke and their outstanding teams of office bearers which worked tirelessly in the past two years to bring this Club out of its infancy. Thanks to not only their efforts, but also the contributions of all our Rotarians and Anns. Today, RCKP stands proud and is being noticed by the Rotary district too.

After the 2 presidents and their teams, who have established such a high standard and decorum for this great club, I feel a heavy pressure of responsibility to keep up this accomplishment; as I am fully conscious of the expectations from all of my fellow Rotarian friends. But at the same time, I am extra confident of success in this regard, as the members of this club have the reputation of supporting the President with all the zeal and commitment. And that gives me an added conviction that we can not only meet the expectations but can even exceed !

Friends, I think "We do not remember days; we remember moments". And for me one of the most memorable events of my life was when I joined this great movement called ‘Rotary’ in 2004. Believe me; these 11yrs have truly changed my Life.

I strongly believe, that we need to recognize and love people for what they are and not for what we want them to be. My motivation to join rotary was to earn friendship from different walks of life and to meet and nurture friendship with people of different attitudes, character, social status and behavior. Today I can vouch that the best friends I have other than from my school and college days are from my Rotary life and I think that’s one of the finest privileges Rotary provides for people. Also this 110 years old international organization gives an adequate amount of opportunity for an individual to be responsible to the society and to contribute for its well being.

Friends, Rotary International President K. R. Ravindran through his theme this year “Be a gift to the world” has given us a call to make a genuine difference in the lives of others by giving back through our talent, knowledge, abilities, efforts, dedication & devotion. If we can’t, then who will? Hence, I request all RCKPians to participate in the Club events, activities, projects and fellowships. Together let us build communities and bridge the continents…

Friends, I thank you all for the faith reposed in me & giving this great honor of serving you as the 3rd President of this great club; I promise to keep the flag of RCKP flying high !!


Thank you and God Bless you all !






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